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The BAM! Skirt

I call this the BAM! skirt because that’s what I said when I tried it on for the first time.
bam 1
This is the Charlotte skirt from the fabulous ladies at By Hand London. Dude, I feel like such a goddamn lady in this skirt. Clearly I’m not going to start speaking like one, but it won’t keep me from looking like one when my mouth is closed…
bam 3
Also, it makes me sit and stand straighter. Yay posture!
Vespa Photobomb!

Vespa Photobomb!

I got this tiny piece of denim (not quite a whole yard) at a thrift store last year sometime. I don’t remember how much it cost, so I’ll just estimate $3. I didn’t have enough to make the waistband, so I used some navy cotton sateen left over from a UFO pencil skirt that fit horribly and got relegated to the bottom of a drawer along with its stupid instructions. IIIIIIRONYYYY!!
Do she got a booty?

Do she got a booty?

I cut a size 10/14 for the waist, transitioning to a 12/16 from the hips down to account for my boo-tay. I wonder if cutting a 10/14 for the front piece and a 12/16 for the back pieces would have been better. The back fit right out of the envelope, but I had to lengthen the center front darts by three inches, and the side front darts by one inch. I also took about a quarter inch out of the side seams above the hips. It still doesn’t lay completely flat in the front, so I feel like I still need to lengthen the front darts some more. Does anyone have a better suggestion for this type of fit issue?
A very visible invisible zipper...

A very visible invisible zipper…

This is my first invisible zipper, which I installed with a regular zipper foot. I have since acquired the invisible zipper foot for my machine, and I plan on re-installing that zipper. Since I found a couple yards of denim while cleaning out the bins in my closet (no idea how said denim yardage came to be IN my closet, but… bonus?) I’ll be putting on a new matching waistband, too. Oh, and the seam allowances need to be finished because this thing is raveling like crazy! It also needs a lining, but I don’t know if I’m feeling that ambitious for this version. Plus, it’s already really warm and I don’t want to add another layer.
I can... sass in it?

I can… sass in it?

So since I’m willing to adjust the fit several times and de- and reconstruct it to improve it, I think it’s safe to say that I am clearly in love with this skirt and want it to be perfect and last a million years. 🙂 I’ve never had a pencil skirt that actually fit both my hips and waist! I’ve dreamed up about four more versions, and I’m starting to question whether the fit-and-flare silhouette I gravitate towards is really the best look for me…
Charlotte compliments my vintage coat and lady purse!

Charlotte compliments my vintage coat and lady purse!

Wait, am I a Joanie instead of a Betty?!! I never knew!! Excuse me while I have a minor wardrobe identity crisis…
By the way, I couldn’t resist posting this test photo:
bam vip
Because it reminded me too much of this!!
vip my hair
Have you made the Charlotte skirt? Did you have to make any alterations? Do you vip your hair? Are you a Betty or a Joan? Discuss. 🙂

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  1. Love this skirt! BAM! is the perfect name for it 🙂


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