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Sewing Successes and Mad Men Plans

Wow, it’s been awhile. I promise I’ve actually been sewing, you guys! Since the beginning of the year, I have finished one dress, two Renfrew tops, two skirts and a blankie and bib for my husband’s colleague’s new baby. Both shirts and both skirts were made in solid colors, so… success! I can make outfits! 🙂 The reason I haven’t shared any of these makes yet is because it took me like two weeks to finally find the camera and charger, and we don’t have a good blank wall in our house to take pictures in front of. Crappy excuses, I know! My husband and I have a weekly date night (usually Monday, as he’s a weekend warrior) so I’ve decided to do Me Made Monday, on which I wear whatever item I’ve just finished over the weekend and have Hubs take pictures of me on our date. Hooray for having a plan! 🙂

Temperatures in Denver have been pretty mild and springlike for the last couple of weeks, so I’ve decided to switch up my coat sewing plan (mentioned in my last post) from a warm winter coat to a fun and colorful trench coat! I took advantage of Tasia’s birthday sale and ordered myself the Robson trench coat pattern. I haven’t decided what color to make it yet. Black and beige are appealing because they’re so classic and go with everything, but color is so much more FUN!! 🙂 Check out this fuchsia trench! I love fuchsia.fuschia trench

Are you participating in Julia Bobbin’s third Mad Men Challenge?!! I am, and I’m stoked!! 😀 This was one of the sewing challenges that really convinced me last year that I should start a blog and join in on the fun. It’s also the reason I started watching Mad Men. 🙂 After watching the first five seasons on Netflix last year, there was NO WAY I was going to be left out of this sewing challenge! 🙂

Okay, soooo I want pretty much every outfit on Mad Men. Like, every dress that everyone wears in every episode. However, when I saw THIS beauty worn by Betty Draper to the Coca Cola modeling audition, I thought “THAT’S it! That’s what I’ll make for the Mad Men Challenge!”

Betty dress


How useful is this garment in every day life? Correct, it’s not useful at all. It might be fun for a costume party, but it will probably just collect dust after I pull half my hair out trying to make it. Maybe I’ll make something more frivolous next year. Or, you know, I could make it anyway and be a Barbie doll for Halloween.

After coming to the decision that I shouldn’t abandon my wardrobe makeover just to make a crazy party dress I’ll never wear, I started looking at pictures of the sassy and curvaceous Joan, thinking I’d make a pencil skirt and blouse instead. Unfortunately, I could only find pictures of a beige/brown skirt and coral/red blouse, which aren’t my favorite colors to wear.


Joanie outfit

BAM. There it is. A freaking purple pencil skirt!! I didn’t remember seeing this outfit while watching the show, but to be honest, I watched all five seasons on Netflix in the evenings when I was tired and I nodded off more than a few times so I’ve probably missed several fabulous dresses. Oh well. I went back and watched the episode with this outfit, and was reminded that Joan’s husband (then fiancé) is a total asshole. That’s all I have to say about that. I’m making this outfit anyway because it’s awesome!

I’m planning on using the By Hand London Charlotte pattern for the skirt (wearable muslin in progress!) and the Sewaholic Renfrew for the top, either with a widened neckline or shallower cowl. I’ve made the Renfrew a couple times already (and I am nowhere near done with that pattern), so I’m pretty confident with it. After an online search, I haven’t found the right purple to use for the skirt. I’m probably going to go to a few stores here in Denver to continue the search instead of ordering online anyway, since the colors can look pretty different on screen than in person.

Thank you for having patience with me as I slowly get this blog started! Posts will be coming more regularly in the future. 🙂 What are you sewing these days?


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  1. Oh I think your plans for the Mad Men Challenge sound perfect! Can’t wait to see you finished garments

  2. I have the same damn problem with not knowing where to take pictures in my house! I also have some serious lighting issues… anyways… I totally get the excuses issue 🙂 Also, I have the Robson coat pattern also and have been wanting to make it SO BAD. We could totally make it together 😀 And lastly, I participated in the Mad Men Challenge last year and LOVED it… it really pushed my boundaries. ( .. I would love to participate this year but haven’t had time .. which sucks because I really had a blast last year!!! Maybe if I busted ass and got something going this weekend… because, you know, I don’t have enough projects already HAHA!


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